Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What's all this, then?

Long, long ago, there was an amateurish Geocities website where I stored all my MSTs. Then, Geocities ceased to exist while I wasn't looking, and much of it was lost. Naturally this put a damper on things, and rather than cobble it together again I decided to just move on.

But you can never get out of the game.

So this is where I will re-post as many of my old MSTs as I can. Looking back on them, I find their style to be crude and sophomoric. I also find the stuff I wrote five minutes ago to be crude and sophomoric. It's my genre! Even so, my earliest MSTs date back nearly a decade, and those ones are simply too amateurish and dated. I'll post all the ones back to where I think I really hit my stride, and only go deeper if there's much clamor for it.

What I have saved, I'm pretty sure, isn't actually everything. There may well be old MSTs that were lost to the mists of time. So, if you dear reader happen to have any of my material saved, let me know. 

But that's not all! Like I said, you can never get out of the game. The urge was still there. Thus...oh yes...NEW MSTs.

Okay, so let's get some disclaimer shit out of the way.

1. I don't own the stories I MST. The text >>formatted like this does NOT belong to me. The title and author are listed in the title of the post, if you want to find a story's source, I'm sure Google will suffice.
2. I don't ask permission before I MST stuff. It's publicly available on the Internet and I am not and never will be making money off of other people's work. Don't like that I took your work without asking? Tough. "Fair use," bitches.
3. If you see your work here, don't get butthurt. It's all in fun and I actually am doing some degree of constructive criticism alongside the destructive mockery. I will not take down something if you complain about it so don't even bother. Go ahead, sue me through the Internet.


  1. Thank you very much for putting these back up. I usta love these many years ago. It was upsetting when they simply vanished from the web, and i searched low and high for them. and i think i do have 1 that isnt up saved. You should be able to conact me threw this google profile and i'll send it to you.

  2. I too was devastated when your MSTs went offline, since, crude and sophomoric they may have been, they still somehow hit right in my humor wheelhouse and cheered me right the hell up whenever I was having a bad day. I think I've been reading your Zelda humor for at least 10 years now, which is somewhat mind-boggling in a 'where has the time gone' sense and hopefully does not come off as creepy.

    Anyway, time to find the one with the line "MY BRAIN IS FILLING UP WITH SPIDERS" which for some reason cracks me up every. single. time.

  3. Welcome back! I'm so happy I found these, I'm going to immortalize them. I was devastated to find they'd disappeared...